Changing the conversation about work and cancer

A conversation with Barbara Wilson

It has been a challenging year for Halsey Keetch, and yet we have been lucky enough to find ourselves in touch with, and supported by, some extraordinary people over the past few months. Having been affected deeply recently, both personally and professionally, by the impact of serious illness, I was drawn to the work and company of Barbara Wilson, a friend of Halsey over many years, and founder of Working With Cancer. I have been fortunate enough to spend some time with Barbara this year and was invited to watch her running one of her workshops, which have been designed to guide and to help people who are coping with cancer to return to work and manage their careers

Here, Barbara and I discuss the valuable service that Working With Cancer offers, both to organisations and to individuals, and explore what it means to be affected by cancer whilst of working age…

Written by Caroline Keetch, Halsey Keetch, July 2015

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