Changing the conversation about work and cancer

Working With Advanced Cancer

Liz O’Riordan interviews Lynne Connolly, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion for a major investment company, about her experience of working with advanced breast cancer and what advice she would give to others about supporting people managing work during cancer treatment. One key message of Lynne’s is the need to provide anyone affected by cancer with empathy rather than sympathy.

You can watch the full video below, or as shorter clips organised by the questions Liz asked Lynne.

Full interview of Liz O’Riordan interviewing Lynne Connolly on 30/11/21


Lynne talks about her cancer diagnosis and treatment and how she is doing.

Lynne talks about the main challenges she has faced in managing work and cancer.

Lynne discusses the specific challenges of working with advanced breast cancer.

Lynne discusses what her colleagues have done or said that has proved most helpful.

Lynne discusses how work gives her purpose.

Lynne passes on some advice to those in similar circumstances

Lynne passes on the advice she would give to employers

Liz and Lynne talk about being ‘legally disabled’ under the Equality Act but also needing to be ‘enabled’ to work.

Liz and Lynne talk about the need to rethink ways of working flexibly and how beneficial this can be. Lynne emphasises the need for empathy not sympathy.