Changing the conversation about work and cancer

The Psychological Impact of Cancer

In this video, Dr Jane Clark, a Lead Consultant Clinical Psychologist at a large NHS Teaching Hospital Trust in the north of England, talks to Barbara Wilson about how a cancer diagnosis affects people emotionally and what advice she would give to families, friends and employers worried about how best to support them. She did this interview in her own time and was not representing the Trust.

The interview covers a variety of issues including why people experience a loss of confidence, and sometimes depression after a cancer diagnosis, why it’s so difficult ‘getting back to normal’ and how an employer should support a colleague struggling with the emotional impact of cancer.

You can watch the full video below or as shorter clips organised by the questions Jane covered with Barbara.

Full interview of Barbara Wilson interviewing Jane on 29/11/21



What led Jane to becoming a clinical psychologist with a focus on cancer

Jane discusses how a cancer diagnosis affects people emotionally and why

Jane and Barbara discuss the significance of a cancer diagnosis

Jane discusses her work with Dr Peter Harvey

Jane discusses why people often experience a significant loss of confidence, and what advice she would give.

Jane discusses why it is so difficult to ‘go back to normal’

Jane provides some advice for employers concerned about an employee’s emotional state

And advises them on what not to do

Jane discusses how work colleagues can reinforce an employer’s support

and finally……don’t be afraid to ask for help.