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Blogs and articles written for various organisations about managing work and cancer. We have organised these according to whether you are: someone who has/has had cancer; an HR professional or a policy maker about managing cancer in the workplace; a line manager; a carer, colleague or supporter of someone with cancer. Choose from the options below:

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Palliative Perceptions

Posted: 2nd May 2024

In this second article, Harmer Parr writes about his palliative care, which is often rather misunderstood, and how he and his family are adapting to this new stage in his life.

I’ve been on palliative care for two months now. As I revealed in my last article, I was transferred for hospital to hospice. While death is a long-established taboo subject, I’ve discovered that the words ‘hospice’ and ‘palliative’ create their own frisson as well. Can friends send you a message asking simply how you are? Do they wonder if this implies the question: ‘are you dead yet? ’Well, the answer to that question is that I’m still around. I was told to ‘think months not years’ and I’m determined not to be short-changed.’

How to navigate the transition from cancer treatment to the workplace

Posted: 4th April 2024

An article by our founder, Barbara Wilson, about how to navigate the transition from cancer treatment to the workplace recently appeared in UNLEASH magazine. ‘Cancer isn’t just a concern for individuals, it is also a risk for organizations. More and more people of working age are getting cancer, and it is high time that employers step… [Read More]

Home Straight

Posted: 19th March 2024

WWC regular contributor, Harmer Parr, has previously updated us about his advanced cancer, Melvyn the Melanoma. Harmer is now, as he puts it, on the ‘home straight’ having been discharged from the hospital and having further treatment, and now in the hands of his hospice team and excellent GP.

Cancer Survival – Why Staying Positive is Never Enough

Posted: 24th October 2023

Stephen Bevan, Principal Associate at the Institute of Employment Studies and an Ambassador for Working With Cancer, offers an insight into his quest to stay upbeat for those around him since his terminal cancer diagnosis.

Aorta: A Good News Story

Posted: 24th October 2023

WWC regular contributor, Harmer Parr, has previously updated us about Melvyn the Melanoma, but in this article he shares the story of a new ‘private assassin’ – his aorta. Don’t know what that is and what it does? Read on.

Anxiety and returning to work

Posted: 1st August 2023

In this article our Associate Genevie Isaacson, an Employment Lawyer, offers some good practice guidelines for employers to support their employees in making a successful return to work.

Sharing my experience with breast cancer

Posted: 27th April 2023

In this article, our Ambassador, Gail Kenny, shares her experience of receiving a breast cancer diagnosis.

A Last Hurrah? Reflections on a Terminal Diagnosis

Posted: 3rd April 2023

WWC Ambassador Stephen Bevan, head of HR Research Development for the Institute of Employment Studies (IES), offers a personal reflection on the emotional impact of a terminal cancer diagnosis for him and his family.

Moving Melvyn: a cautionary tale?

Posted: 12th October 2022

Our regular contributor, Harmer Parr, provides us with the latest news on Melvyn the Melanoma.

Cancer and the Menopause: It’s Not Just About Women Getting Older.

Posted: 14th July 2022

In this article, Working With Cancer’s Founder and Director, Barbara Wilson, talks about the issues for women working with menopausal symptoms during cancer treatment.

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