Changing the conversation about work and cancer


We are delighted with the feedback received from delegates about Barbara Wilson’s presentation on ‘Working with and After Lymphoma’, at the Lymphoma Action National Conference, held in Manchester on 12th May.

Barbara’s session received positive feedback with 95% of respondents rating it as either 4 or 5 out of a possible 5:

The following comments were made on her presentation:

The coaching I received from Fiona has literally changed my life.  She has enabled me to deal with the fear, anxiety and anger I was feeling around my husband’s prostate cancer diagnosis.  Not only this, the techniques she used and coping mechanisms she passed onto me have helped me cope with life’s struggles in every respect; I am relaxed, happy and no longer react to stressful situations in the angst ridden way I used to.  I have had counselling in the past and the sessions have left me feeling drained, I’ve struggled with the ‘homework’ and have never had the coping mechanisms available to me instantly when I need them.  With Fiona’s coaching I have really enjoyed the sessions, the ‘homework’ has just come naturally and the techniques have become second nature, available to me instantly and at all times.  I cannot thank her enough; she is so lovely and so brilliant at what she does.  I am so grateful I found out about Working With Cancer.


My coaching with Fiona has been excellent and has helped me both within work and at home. She’s given me some fantastic techniques to help me let go of stress, to manage anxiety and to feel in control in situations in work where I felt uncomfortable due to my long term symptoms from the chemo and letrozole.  Fiona thought it would be helpful for me to continue with the sessions and I totally agree. I am genuinely surprised by how useful it has been and very grateful to have been matched with Fiona. She’s fantastic – thank you for finding her for me! I am in a much better place now than I would have imagined this time last year – I’ve done quite a bit of travelling with work and even have a job interview lined up for next week. If I’m offered it I will only accept it if it fits with my needs – I will put myself first.


With encouragement from my coach, Fiona, I feel equipped with a whole new skillset and have a fresh perspective on how to balance my work responsibilities and my wellbeing.

My coaching sessions have helped release a lot of worry and given me a huge sense of positivity and enthusiasm for the future!

I highly recommend 1-to-1 coaching with WWC to assist your transition back into work after time out for treatment.

Alison H

Working with Cancer supported us through the start-up of our Thames Valley Police (TVP) Cancer Buddies Support Team. They provided a tailored training package for our Buddies covering a wide range of subjects and considerations around cancer. The pointers and advice around those initial conversations with colleagues were very helpful, helping our Buddies to feel comfortable having difficult conversations. The advice they provided also helped those having conversations with Carers of loved ones and how to support line managers. Through our learning, Working with Cancer worked to adapt training further to address any additional areas of concern and knowledge gaps. Their Best Practice Guides have been useful to share as another resource to utilise.

TVP Cancer Buddy Support Team

I live in Germany and I was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago at age 33. I am originally from Colombia and when I got diagnosed I was looking for a lot of information in different languages, as I didn’t feel quite confident with my German by that time. And so I found about you, I have also read about you in BBC news and I would like to express my gratitude. I was very young when diagnosed, a foreigner and a woman struggling to find balance in her work life. It has been 5 years since diagnosis and surgery and it has not been an easy path with regard to work. But your website, videos and information have been really helpful. So I would like you to know that your impact is crossing borders and reaching people in many places. Thank you.