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Working With Cancer Testimonial

I received 6 sessions of coaching with Working With Cancer, and I found it invaluable for helping me psychologically as I got back to work after breast cancer.  We set coaching goals together at our first meeting and I was given some optional homework which I found particularly useful.

I have regained my confidence at work, and I find work more enjoyable because I believe I deserve to be there and am a valuable team member.  The coaching has also helped me to choose a speciality that fulfils and benefits me as a whole person.

WWC coaching has also given me assurance in my legal rights as someone who has had cancer.  Overall I actually feel more confident and satisfied in my work than I did before I had cancer!  I am so grateful to my coach, WWC and SAMF for facilitating this.

Dr G, Senior House Officer, South Coast England.

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We have a special arrangement in place for doctors who are in financial need whereby they can apply to have their coaching paid for by the Society for the Assistance of Medical Families. Please contact SAMF on 07771 300410 for more information. 

We use a variety of coaching approaches to address the physical and psychological impact of cancer. Our coaching significantly complements and enhances EAP and Occupational Health services.

These are some of the issues we typically discuss with individuals during coaching.

Watch a short film showing one of our coachees, Mandy Goodman, talking to Barbara Wilson about the benefits she derived from her coaching.

Coaching is tailored to each person’s specific needs. It’s flexible and is arranged on a session by session basis but typically involves:

Coaching typically covers:

To find out more about our coaching services, please contact us.


We run a wide variety of training workshops for health professionals, e.g. Occupational Health, Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists and other medical experts. Our training programmes are 1 hour, 90 minutes or half a day in length with the longer programmes being highly interactive, using relevant, sometimes bespoke, case studies. We also run sessions as part of wider events on health and wellbeing.

Our programmes on work and cancer for health professionals normally cover:

If you would like further information on the training we provide, please contact us.