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Stepping away from work after a cancer diagnosis

Posted: 18th January 2022

This is the first of a series of five blogs by Lynne Connolly, who is Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at a global investment company, about her experience of working with secondary cancer and what advice she would give to others about supporting people managing work during cancer treatment. We will be posting each of the remaining blogs over the next four weeks.

Cancer During Covid and My Game of Sick Leave Roulette

Posted: 11th October 2021

Guest writer, Sarah Casemore, talks about her cancer diagnosis at the start of Covid, and treatment during lockdown. ‘In April 2020 at the start of Covid-19 lockdown, aged 48 with 2 teenage sons, I felt a lump in my left breast in what can only be described as feeling like a hard lemon pip whilst… [Read More]

Bring me sunshine!  Living with a Melanoma called Melvyn

Posted: 11th October 2021

Guest Writer, Harmer Parr, provides an update on his adventures with Melvyn the Melanoma, since his last article for our website in 2019. ‘In 2017, he’d come back for a third visit, seemingly on a ten-year orbit. This visit was my invitation to the departure lounge, as he’d sprinkled his stardust into a couple more… [Read More]

Finding Balance and Growth – one New Zealand GP’s experience

Posted: 28th July 2021

In this article, Anne Mathieson, a GP based in New Zealand, shares her experience of returning to work after treatment for Stage 3 Bowel Cancer, and just as the COVID pandemic started to unfold. ‘I took a break from working as a GP when I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Bowel Cancer in April 2019.… [Read More]

Returning to the workplace after July 19 2021: Tips for those with cancer and those who are immune suppressed either permanently or temporarily

Posted: 19th July 2021

Introduction On 19 July the government lifted the remaining Covid restrictions in England. Face masks are no longer legally required (although guidance suggests wearing masks would still be advisable in enclosed and crowded places, and face masks continue to be mandatory on TfL services) The 2 metre (or 1 metre plus) social distancing rule has… [Read More]

Navigating a career after cancer: Christine Lydon

Posted: 29th January 2021

Christine Lydon is an associate content director at FleishmanHillard Fishburn and is also co-chair of Omnicom’s Open DisAbility steering group.  ‘There is, of course, no ideal time to be diagnosed with cancer. After all, in a typical year, there are weddings to attend, birthdays to celebrate and careers to forge. Who would welcome the upheaval… [Read More]

Getting back to work and going freelance after a diagnosis of breast cancer

Posted: 29th January 2021

Emma Tice is a writer and editor who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017. In her blog she discusses the difficulties of dealing with a changing breast cancer diagnosis and her experience setting up a business in the middle of the pandemic. ‘Like many, my cancer diagnosis came out of the blue. I’d just… [Read More]

A Nurse’s Experience of COVID 19, cancer and working from home

Posted: 8th December 2020

Anne Wareing, a WWC coachee, shares her experience as a nurse dealing with COVID 19, cancer and working from home. I began this year with a new job, new uniform and a plan for returning to work as a nurse after my diagnosis and treatment for Non–Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2019.  I was looking forward to… [Read More]


Posted: 8th December 2020

Claire Slade, a WWC coachee and former senior partner in a GP practice, has written a blog about trying to come to terms with her bowel cancer diagnosis. As a 40 year old, who has just retired from her GP partnership, you would be forgiven for thinking I might not be the best advert for… [Read More]

Developing the WWC Career Coaching Workbook

Posted: 29th September 2020

WWC Associate, Sarah Dawson, explains how WWC’s Career Coaching Workbook was created.  Read the full article here

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