Changing the conversation about work and cancer

Coping with side-effects

When more sleep won’t do it: Tackling cancer-related fatigue

Posted: 10th January 2019

Fatigue – one of the most common side effects of cancer – can have a devastating physical and psychological impact on the lives of cancer survivors. It can also cause an individual severe financial problems if they are unable to return to full-time or part-time work. Here are some excerpts from a longer article published in… [Read More]

Late consequences of cancer: what are your experiences?

Posted: 29th October 2018

The Dutch Federation of cancer patients (the NFK , Nederlandse Federatie van Kankerpatiëntenorganisaties) asked this question in October 2017 to 3679 (former) cancer patients. What are late consequences? By ‘late consequences’ we mean long-term changes that they experience on a psychological, physical, cognitive level that are limiting your daily functioning.  You can think of, for example: fatigue, concentration… [Read More]

Cancer and its impact on our mental wellbeing

Posted: 29th October 2018

One of the things those of us who have had cancer tend not to discuss with friends, family and especially with our employers is that the emotional and psychological impact of cancer is often as great if not greater than the physical consequences of treatment. We grieve for a life we have lost, we remain… [Read More]