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Transforming Breast Cancer Together: White Paper publication

The Transforming Breast Cancer Initiative today published a White Paper, which provides a comprehensive evaluation of the status of breast cancer prevention, diagnosis and care across Europe, and identifies concrete actions which would help to ensure equal access and better outcomes for patients across Europe.

To address these challenges, the initiative renewed its ‘Call for Change’, launched in April 2018, which constitute 9 policy tasks aimed at improving breast cancer prevention and care. These include the need to address the differences in cancer care across European Member States, the importance of diagnosing and treating breast cancer in the early stages, the need for support in the workplace for patients suffering from breast cancer, and the unique needs of patients with advanced/metastatic breast cancer.

Working With Cancer is a key participant in the group – which currently includes MEPS Lieve Wierinck (Belgium), Elena Gentile (Italy), and Cristian-Silviu Bușoi (Romania) who have been working on this. To read the White Paper in full click here