Changing the conversation about work and cancer

New article from guest writer, Harmer Parr: The Melvyn Files

Guest Writer, Harmer Parr, showed how keeping a sense of humour helped him put cancer in its place in an earlier article for WWC.  In his latest blog, he provides an update on his immunotherapy treatment:

‘In October 2017 I was diagnosed with a cancer in my right shin bone. It had been hurting for a while, after I’d been out running, but I didn’t suspect that Melvyn the Melanoma was making an unexpected return …..

I was prescribed some cancer tablets with very long names that I shortened to Dab and Tram. Taken night and morning they certainly attacked the tumours very well at first. Then they got bored and began to attack my liver as well. What followed was my yellow period, when I could easily have blended in with the crowd at Carrow Road without a shirt. This was because a new character appeared called Billy Rubin …..’

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(Harmer Parr is a former teacher and Ofsted inspector.  During his time at Ofsted, he held national responsibility for the development and quality assurance of school inspections, and for leading the work on assessing the impact of Ofsted on the education system).