Changing the conversation about work and cancer

Can Returning to Work Have Therapeutic Benefits for Cancer Survivors? 

WWC’s Ambassador, Stephen Bevan, has written a blog about the therapeutic benefits of returning to work and the role of healthcare professionals.

‘A year ago, getting back to work was the last thing on my mind. I had just finished the first of two rounds of chemotherapy for oesophageal cancer and had spent New Year’s Eve in hospital having had my second A&E admission that month following an infection. Whether I had set my ‘out of office’ message or not, or whether I was going to make the next staff meeting in the office was, frankly, of no consequence. My focus was getting over my infection and restoring my stamina in time for the surgery I was due to have in February.
One year on, and my treatment finished, I’ve made it back to work and my focus is firmly on the future and not so much on the past ….’

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