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Transforming Breast Cancer Together: Bridging the Gap in Breast Cancer Care

Breast  cancer  is the  most  common  cancer  among  women  in  Europe,  yet  there  are  still huge gaps  in  breast  cancer  care.  The  current  pandemic  has  deepened  these  challenges,  as the continuity of treatments and care for patients have been severely disrupted.  To raise  awareness  on this pressing  issue,  Transforming  Breast  Cancer  Together  recently organised  a virtual  event  focusing  on  the  realities  of  living  with  breast  cancer  and  highlighting  potential solutions  to bridge  the gap in breast  cancer care. The event  brought  together  a distinguished panel of speakers across several areas of expertise including WWC’s founder, Barbara Wilson, who spoke about how to support breast cancer patients in the workplace, and protecting their mental health.  

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You can find the speaker presentations from the event here and a factsheet about breast cancer shared by Ciaran Nicholls from the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre