Changing the conversation about work and cancer

Charlotte Kevan

I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in July 2017. Two weeks after my primary diagnosis. I had 6 rounds of chemotherapy along with herceptin and perjeta. The later I still have intravenously every 3 weeks today.

I don’t know my prognosis other than the general 2-3 years life expectancy. I’ve already gone past that.  I try and live as best I can between my 6 monthly scans.

I work part time for Sainsburys. I’m on the shop floor and my main duties are checking dates on fresh foods. Thankfully it’s not too physical and I can take breaks if I don’t feel too good. Working has really helped me mentally deal with my cancer. It does take my mind off it. Sainsburys have been great with me but I feel they and employers generally could do with more education and support. It’s very hard to explain when you’re “Dying for a Cure” when you look ok.

I’m pretty open about my cancer diagnosis and treatment. Especially the side effects! Most of which I can work with. My family are very good in that respect. Thankfully having an 18 and 22 yr old at home they are able along with my husband to help with chores, cooking and taking care of me.

My interests are ballet (when I’m physically able to have lessons), my Maine Coon kitten

(she has really taken my mind off things), reading and travel.