Changing the conversation about work and cancer

Working with advanced breast cancer: building on our advanced Cancer campaign

WWC is working with The Advanced Breast Cancer Global Alliance on an awareness campaign focused on goal number 10 of the ABC Global Charter: to help patients with advanced breast cancer (ABC) continue to work by implementing legislation that protects their right to work and ensures flexible and accommodating workplace environments. A key part of this is collecting individual stories.

For people with advanced breast cancer, remaining active and productive for as long as possible can be crucial, not only financially but also psychologically and emotionally; it’s an integral part of well-being.

Working With Cancer and the ABC GA would like to hear about your experience related to work and ABC. Whether you’re a patient or you know someone who is – and whether you’re working or not – we’d love to hear what you think. It will help us create awareness of this important topic.

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‍Real-life views matter and can help things to change, so please help us stimulate the right discussion by sharing your thoughts and experiences.

You will be asked to answer three simple questions, via the link above, which will only take a minute or two of your time.  We won’t ask for your name, we just want to hear your perspective.

And please feel free to share this email with anyone else you think might be interested in participating.