Changing the conversation about work and cancer


RedArc adds specialist cancer organisation to its partner panel

17th November 2020


We are pleased to confirm that WWC’s coaching and training support has been added to the panel of additional services offered by RedArc nurses, thus expanding the range of their services and the range of clients WWC will be able to support. Barbara Wilson commented “Every two minutes someone is diagnosed with cancer so we can… [Read More]

It’s time to reimagine care and transform breast cancer together, argues MEP Frances Fitzgerald

5th November 2020


MEP Frances Fitzgerald, a member of Parliament’s Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee, has written an opinion piece for The Parliament Magazine in #EPGenderEqualityWeek.  She says it’s now more important than ever to ensure minimum disruption to the treatment and lives of patients suffering from conditions such as breast cancer.  The full article can be… [Read More]

Transforming Breast Cancer Together: Bridging the Gap in Breast Cancer Care

27th October 2020


Breast  cancer  is the  most  common  cancer  among  women  in  Europe,  yet  there  are  still huge gaps  in  breast  cancer  care.  The  current  pandemic  has  deepened  these  challenges,  as the continuity of treatments and care for patients have been severely disrupted.  To raise  awareness  on this pressing  issue,  Transforming  Breast  Cancer  Together  recently organised  a… [Read More]

Developing the WWC Career Coaching Workbook

29th September 2020


WWC Associate, Sarah Dawson, explains how WWC’s Career Coaching Workbook was created.  Read the full article here

What we are learning about work and cancer during Covid 19


WWC’s founder, Barbara Wilson, writes about the impact of Covid on the people we are coaching to try and draw some initial conclusions.   Read the full article here

The European Code of Cancer Practice (The Code)

24th September 2020


The European Code of Cancer Practice (The Code) is a citizen and patient-centred manifesto of the core requirements for good clinical cancer practice, in order to improve outcomes for all of Europe’s cancer patients.  It has been co-produced by a team of cancer patients, patient advocates and cancer professionals.  The Code focusses on informing and assisting cancer patients… [Read More]

Return to work

21st September 2020


Workers across the UK are being encouraged to return to their workplaces as the COVID-19 ‘lockdown’ eases and concerns over the economic fortunes of City centres grow………… My own research looking at working life during ‘lockdown’ has shown that emotional wellbeing was under real pressure very early on and, despite some improvements, it remains fragile… [Read More]

How to facilitate a successful return to work after cancer during COVID 19 – 28th Jan

2nd July 2020


One in two of us will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime so it’s highly likely that an employee in your organisation will be affected. We’ve designed this interactive workshop to equip line managers, HR and health professionals to successfully support employees through their cancer journey and beyond.  You will learn more about: The… [Read More]

World Kidney Cancer Day

17th June 2020


Our Associate Louise Barrett talks about returning to work after treatment for cancer, and finding her work-life balance, in this special video produced by Ipsen for World Kidney Cancer Day (WKCD) on 18th June.

Cancer and lockdown: How it’s affecting us all

5th June 2020


It’s been a surreal 10 weeks since lockdown began which has posed enormous challenges for everyone, including WWC.   Our coachees have been affected in many different ways but we have learned a lot in supporting them and we wanted to share some of this with you. There is something for everyone here: for employees with… [Read More]

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