Changing the conversation about work and cancer


How to facilitate a successful return to work after cancer during COVID 19 – 24th Sept

2nd July 2020


We’ve designed this interactive open workshop to equip line managers and HR professionals to successfully support employees coping with cancer and the impact of Covid 19.  You will learn more about: The physical and emotional impact of cancer treatment and COVID 19 on the return to work How to communicate well at the 4 main… [Read More]

World Kidney Cancer Day

17th June 2020


Our Associate Louise Barrett talks about returning to work after treatment for cancer, and finding her work-life balance, in this special video produced by Ipsen for World Kidney Cancer Day (WKCD) on 18th June.

Cancer and lockdown: How it’s affecting us all

5th June 2020


It’s been a surreal 10 weeks since lockdown began which has posed enormous challenges for everyone, including WWC.   Our coachees have been affected in many different ways but we have learned a lot in supporting them and we wanted to share some of this with you. There is something for everyone here: for employees with… [Read More]

Top tips for working at home with children

4th June 2020


In yesterday’s post, we provided top tips for working from home.  However, it becomes more challenging if you’re trying to combine working from home and looking after children.    To find some guidance on establishing a routine and organising your day, please click here

Top Tips for working at home

3rd June 2020


Over the last couple of months, more of us have had to adjust to working from home.  From our coaching sessions, we have learned that this has proved challenging for many people used to working in an office environment.  If you are still struggling to adapt, we have pulled together a few top tips which… [Read More]

Returning to work: Government and legal guidelines

2nd June 2020


As the Government lifts lockdown measures and more employees are set to return to their places of work, people have numerous questions and anxieties. What are the ramifications of returning to work for employees? What are an employer’s responsibilities in ensuring it is safe for their employees to return to work? To get answers to… [Read More]

Going back to work as lockdown relaxes

7th May 2020


Employers need to safeguard the health and minimise the risk of infection for all their employees but this is particularly important for those with cancer and their carers, who will be deeply concerned about infecting their vulnerable loved ones. Those with cancer and their carers will typically be nervous about…… To read more click here

One Employer’s approach to lockdown


During the lockdown a number of our clients have done an amazing job in introducing a range of initiatives to support their employees during the lockdown. One of our clients – James Hay – has put in place a number a wide variety of activities which can be done remotely during the lockdown.  Some examples… [Read More]

TBCT statement

1st May 2020


In the light of current coronavirus pandemic, the Transforming Breast Cancer Together initiative of which WWC is a founding member decided to issue a joint statement outlining the challenges that breast cancer patients are encountering during the COVID-19 pandemic. The statement emphasises the importance of ensuring that all those affected by breast cancer can access… [Read More]

How HR can support an organisation when it’s leader is absent.

17th April 2020


‘Following news that prime minister Boris Johnson was rushed into intensive care last week, this article looks at how organisations cope when their leader is absent. Barbara Wilson, WWC’s Founder, contributed to this piece describing how she managed her absence during her cancer treatment.’ A key place to start, according to research fellow at the… [Read More]

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