Changing the conversation about work and cancer



11th May 2021


I’m a person who has always been “well”.  Whenever I was asked to fill in a health questionnaire I’d always tick “no” without really reading it. That all changed in late January 2018 when aged 44 I was diagnosed very speedily with a rare type of breast cancer called Inflammatory Breast Cancer. It’s very aggressive… [Read More]

Cancer Survivors at Work – The Unspoken Truths

30th March 2021


On Tuesday 16th March, Barbara Wilson and Stephen Bevan made a (pre-recorded) presentation to the 2021 Health and Wellbeing at Work conference with the title ‘Cancer Survivors at Work – The Unspoken Truths’ followed by a live Q &A.  You can find a copy of the full presentation here

Working with Advanced or Metastatic Cancer


This year Working With Cancer is working to raise awareness of this issue and have invited those with advanced or metastatic cancer, and who are still working, to contribute their stories and photos. Here is one story by Neil Walker, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer at the age of 49. It was… [Read More]

Dealing with ‘Chemo Brain’ at work


In this article, our Associate Isabel van der Ven explains what ‘chemo brain’ is, its impact, how it affected her and most importantly, what you can do to overcome the challenges and frustrations it can cause. Read more here

Living and Working with secondary cancer; my story by Maggie Stephens


Maggie Stephens, business copywriter, editor and presenter, talks about dealing with her secondary breast cancer diagnosis during lockdown last year.  “There’s no good time to be told that you have secondary breast cancer, but just before Christmas in the midst of a Covid-19 lockdown definitely wouldn’t have been my first choice …  “ Read more… [Read More]

Work and Cancer – the challenges of returning to work during a pandemic

23rd February 2021


WWC Associate, Louise Barrett, writes about the challenges of returning to work following cancer treatment – and during a pandemic. Returning to work following cancer treatment is never easy at the best of times. It is often described as feeling like you are jumping on a fast-moving train, bringing with it feelings of anxiety and… [Read More]

Cancer survivorship in Covid-19: A blind-spot for employers?

10th February 2021


‘Working age cancer survivors seem to be slipping down the priority list for employers, with many finding it harder to get support to remain in or return to work (RTW) and others feeling that working from home is making them less visible to their bosses, and access to support, workplace adjustments and vocational rehabilitation more… [Read More]

Achieving Quality of Life for Cancer Patients and Survivors: Returning to Work

29th January 2021


As mentioned in the December newsletter, WWC became a supporter of ECO (European Cancer Organisation) last year and was able to contribute to a paper prepared by its Survivorship and Quality of Life Network:  Free from Cancer: Achieving Quality of Life for All Cancer Patients and Survivors. Following this we contributed some slides to ECO’s… [Read More]

Navigating a career after cancer: Christine Lydon


Christine Lydon is an associate content director at FleishmanHillard Fishburn and is also co-chair of Omnicom’s Open DisAbility steering group.  ‘There is, of course, no ideal time to be diagnosed with cancer. After all, in a typical year, there are weddings to attend, birthdays to celebrate and careers to forge. Who would welcome the upheaval… [Read More]

Getting back to work and going freelance after a diagnosis of breast cancer


Emma Tice is a writer and editor who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017. In her blog she discusses the difficulties of dealing with a changing breast cancer diagnosis and her experience setting up a business in the middle of the pandemic. ‘Like many, my cancer diagnosis came out of the blue. I’d just… [Read More]

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