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Blogs and articles written for various organisations about managing work and cancer. We have organised these according to whether you are: someone who has/has had cancer; an HR professional or a policy maker about managing cancer in the workplace; a line manager; a carer, colleague or supporter of someone with cancer. Choose from the options below:

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Protecting a Returning Employee from the Expectations of their Colleagues

Posted: 28th May 2015

It’s a common assumption amongst employees recovering from cancer and their employers that having followed a phased return to work – for example working three hours a day for one week, four hours a day the next week and so on – the majority of cancer survivors will be back at work and pretty much… [Read More]

Supporting a successful return to work after cancer

Posted: 27th April 2015

We all know that the incidence of cancer is increasing. Cancer Research UK recently reported that 1 in 2 people in the UK born after 1960 will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime. By 2030 it is estimated that there will be 4 million people living with cancer. So dealing effectively… [Read More]

What should employers consider when appraising an employee affected by cancer, including carers?

Posted: 10th March 2015

As you know individuals who have cancer are covered by the 2010 Equality Act (or the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act if living in Northern Ireland) from the point of diagnosis. As part of this, employers have a duty to make reasonable adjustments if existing working arrangements put the affected person at a substantial disadvantage compared… [Read More]

Workplace Well-being: how it can include cancer

Posted: 11th December 2014

When considering how cancer fits in to your organisation’s Well-being strategy, you may focus on prevention and early detection. Offering screening opportunities for staff and raising awareness of signs and symptoms of cancer are important activities to include. But what about your staff who have been diagnosed with cancer and have remained in or returned… [Read More]

Should I work during cancer?

Posted: 18th June 2014

So you’ve had ‘the news’ and you are coping with the fact that you really do have cancer. In this article, there is advice and 5 top tips about, about how to handle those early questions about managing work and cancer. Written for Beauty Despite Cancer, June 2014 Read the full article here

Working while caring for someone with cancer: the issues carers face and how employers can help

Posted: 1st June 2014

How often have we in HR stated in our visions, missions, strategies and policies that ‘our people are our greatest asset’ and /or that we aim to be an ‘employer of choice’? But what does this mean in practice – when our employees have to cope with life’s misfortunes and emergencies? What can you do… [Read More]

Comparing The Issues For Employers In Supporting Employees After Cancer And With Mental Health Issues

Posted: 18th May 2014

A “conversation” between Barbara Wilson of Working with Cancer and Alex Tambourides, Hammersmith and Fulham MIND. Employers should be confident and proactive in helping to remove barriers, not increasing the barriers towards returning to work. Written for Squire Patton Boggs, May 2014 Read the full article here

Early Days: Dealing with Your Cancer Diagnosis and Work

Posted: 9th May 2014

So you’ve had ‘the news’ and you are coping with the fact that you really do have cancer.  Your family and friends are also coming to terms with it all. Suddenly your life (at home and at work) isn’t your own to plan – the doctors need to see you on certain days at specific… [Read More]

Work after cancer: what are the options and how can employers help?

Posted: 20th April 2014

Working can provide survivors of the disease with financial stability and improve the recovery process. Written for Guardian Society, April 2014 Read the full article here

What is the hidden impact of cancer? And what support can employers offer?

Posted: 11th March 2014

After the rollercoaster journey of receiving a cancer diagnosis and treatment, many cancer survivors and their employers believe that after a return to work plan has been agreed and a few reasonable adjustments have been made, life will be pretty much back to normal in a few weeks. However, this can be a particularly difficult… [Read More]

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